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Tips for firearms export from the Czech Republic

If you are not a Czech citizen, but you still like some of the firearms we offer, we can help you go through the process of exporting a firearm to your country. Let's have a look at how it's done. You will need a proper license and some additional paperwork.

Tips for firearms export from the Czech Republic

If you want to export firearms or ammunition from the Czech Republic, you will need a document called the Firearms Transfer Permit issued by the Czech police. To obtain the Firearm Transport Permit, you will need to provide an identification documents such as an ID card or a passport and a document proving permission or a prior consent to import firearms from the local firearms authority in your country. It is necessary to have the documents translated via legal translation services. This procedure usually takes from 3 to 5 days. We can arrange the translation for you. After that, you will have to pay the fees and wait for the Firearms Transfer Permit to be issued (2-4 weeks). You will also need to provide a serial number of the weapon you want to purchase and other data.

According to Section 44 (a) of the Firearms and Ammunition Act (119/2002 Coll.), the contents of the Firearms Transfer Permit are as follows:

  1. The personal data and travel document number of the person who will carry a weapon or ammunition in a category A, A-I, B, C or C-I,
  2. Personal data or data identifying a legal person to whom the weapons or ammunition of the category A, A-I, B, C, or C-I will be delivered;
  3. Address of delivery where firearm or ammunition in category A, A-I, B, C, or C-I will be delivered (unless it coincides with the residence of the future owner or the registered office of the company that made the order);
  4. Data of the firearm in categories A, A-I, B, C, or C-I,
  5. Information identifying the ammunition (type, manufacturer's mark, caliber, and quantity);
  6. Information about the type and quantity of smokeless or black gunpowder,
  7. Information concerning the marking of the weapon or ammunition with a recognized test mark;
  8. The name of the border crossing point by which a weapon or ammunition for such firearm will leave the territory of the Czech Republic;
  9. Means of transport;
  10. The date on which firearm or ammunition in category A, A-I, B, C, or C-I is handed over by the police.

The procedure is simple, but it requires at least two visits to the police in the Czech Republic and arranging a translation, planning the journey, etc. We understand that the transfer as a whole is not easy for foreigners and we will be happy to simplify the process for you.

Here is what the whole procedure looks like:
  1. Choose the weapon you want to buy and inform us via phone (+420 212 812 160) or send us an email at info@armed.cz.
  2. We will send you with a serial number of the chosen firearm, once a deposit payment is made.
  3. You need to obtain the consent of your local authorities to import the weapon into your home country. Usually, the permission is issued by the local police authorities in your home country.
  4. Fill in a Letter of Authorization translated to the Czech language (we will send you the templates upon request).
  5. Send us the original consent to import the weapon, a signed Letter of Authorization, and a copy of your passport or ID card.
  6. We will have the necessary documents translated by a sworn translator to the Czech language. The price depends on the language and length of the document and can vary between 800 and 2000 CZK (approximately 30 € - 90 €)
  7. We will provide the documentation to the Czech police to apply for the Firearms Transport Permit. There is a fee of CZK 800 per application (30 €). It is possible to register multiple weapons with one document. To apply for the Firearms Transport Permit, we need to provide in what way you plan to export the weapon or ammunition (for example, by air or by car and through which border crossing).
  8. After 2-4 weeks, we will pick up your Firearms Transport Permit.
  9. You will come to our store, pay the price for arranging the export procedure within five days, and take the weapon to your home country.

The price of arranging the export documents consists of the translation price, the application fee, and the price for our work. Usually, we spend 6-8 hours processing the application and the hourly rate is 600 CZK. (Around 24 €) The final price for arranging the documents spans between 5000 and 7000 CZK (200 € - 300 €). It is also possible to arrange the Firearm Transport Permit by yourself. However, keep in mind that you will need to communicate with the Czech police in the Czech language (or with a translator, who will have to fill out the application in the Czech language). A total of two Letters of Authorization are needed - one for the application procedure and one for obtaining the weapons. Police will make a record in the CRZ (Central Weapons Database) after checking the weapon.


We can only help you to prepare export documents. We cannot arrange the export of the weapon for you or hand the firearm over to the courier without an arms license. You have to pick up the gun yourself at one of our stores. The validity of the Firearms Transport License is 90 days from the submission of the application.

We will communicate and smooth up the details during the entire process, which may vary from case to case. It is possible to pick up the firearms at our stores in Prague and Brno.

If you are interested in any weapons from our offer, or you would like our help with arranging the export documents, contact us at info@armed.cz.

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